Who we are

Our Story

Momfort was founded on October 23, 1964. This small workshop for turning and machining wood has evolved into the current 7 thousand square meters of built area, in which 127 employees work.

Momfort’s headquarters are located in Jaraguá do Sul/SC, one of the main industrial centers in the South Region, close to the ports of São Francisco do Sul, Itapoá, Itajaí, Navegantes and Paranaguá, the airports of Joinville, Navegantes and Curitiba, as well as the main highways in the state.

Our tradition of quality started there at the beginning of our history, manufacturing hand tool handles for civil construction, mainly for hammers, saws and wood turning for the furniture industry and domestic utensils.

This was the beginning of a path that brought us to the status of one of the main national industries in the segment. And in addition to its presence throughout the country, Momfort Industrial exports its line of cables and tools to several countries.

The Products

In 1987 Momfort invested in the start of production of its own line of hand tools. Today with a portfolio of more than 500 items, Momfort shows its strength in the market through the quality and durability of its products.

They are tools for professionals such as bricklayers, farmers, painters, carpenters, electricians and for domestic users.

With the comfort and practicality of using the tools in mind, our creation and quality teams develop the products.

Environmental Concern

As one of the leading companies in the production of hand tools, Momfort is constantly concerned about the raw material used in our products. For the production of tools, wood is one of our main inputs, so, considering the environmental aspects, we only use wood from reforestation and management areas.

Exploiting our forests sustainably is what will ensure continued and future exploitation, reducing impacts on our environment. That’s why all our wood suppliers are certified and able to extract wood from areas demarcated by IBAMA.